Suzi Ruffell #performanceanxiety

This is the last of the #performanceanxiety sets I am going to post – the rest, you will have to find for yourselves! Don’t worry, they’re all on YouTube. This final routine is by the very funny Suzi Ruffell, I’m sure you’ll all enjoy.

I am still enamored by this idea to combine mental health with comedy. Not only is laughter chemically very good for us, the process of searching for the funny side of a very difficult or traumatic situation is a hugely practical step towards recovery. The fact that this has not only been recognised but broadcast on a major television channel is truly encouraging. I implore you all to go and show your support for this project.

Anyway, here’s Suzi doing her thing:




A few nights ago, I was sitting in my living room getting my standard fix of Comedy Central funnies. During one of the ad breaks, something fairly incredible happened. An advert by Mind, the mental health charity, was broadcast – the first of its kind. It spoke about Mind’s new partnership with Comedy Central to produce a series of live stand-up routines by comedians who have experienced mental ill health. This is exactly the kind of advertising we need. The project is called ‪#‎performanceanxiety‬ and features 10 comedians using comedy as a platform to discuss their mental health. Brilliant.

To celebrate this project, I will be posting the individual performances on this page over the next few days. Please take time to watch and enjoy. In the meantime, here is the fantastic advert put together my Mind and Comedy Central:

Mind is a charity and therefore relies on donations. If you enjoy these performances, you can donate £3 to Mind by texting STAGE to 70660. Thank you.

Quote of the Week – 25/04/2016

‘What does it mean to be crazy? To have a disorder of the mind. But “disorder” can only exist if there is some kind of pre determined “order” set in place. And who decides on order relative to the human mind? Human society. Sane and insane is a judgment based on perspective. And according to many other perspectives within this universe, it is human society that is rampant with disorder. So there is no reason to think of yourself as insane; if the very mindset of the society that determines whether you are sane or insane… is in and of itself insane!’ -Teal Scott