Mental Health Education

The sooner we talk to children honestly about mental health, the sooner we breed a more tolerant society.


Mental Health professionals to be trialled in primary schools

At last! Mental health professionals to work with primary school children. This has been a long time coming, it’s great to see it finally being trialled. If we educate young people about the basics of mental health at the earliest opportunity, we can not only catch potentially long-term issues early, but also teach them about the importance of mental health and foster a greater understanding of mental health issues in others. This approach has the potential to be ground-breaking. This is only a trial, though, and it hasn’t even started yet. However, a similar programme in secondary schools led to 26 schools in Oxfordshire taking on permanent mental health professionals. Now it’s time for the rest of the English counties to follow suit. Feel free to share your opinion on this, I’d love to hear from you.