Pressure on young people

“At one end of the scale we’ve got four-year-olds being tested, at the other end of the scale we’ve got teenagers leaving school and facing the prospect of leaving university with record amounts of debt. Anxiety is the fastest growing illness in under 21s. These things are not a coincidence.”

Child and adolescent hospital admissions for self-harm have doubled in the last four years and more young people than ever are calling ChildLine about exam stress. We are hearing more and more about the detrimental effects of rigorous testing and examination on children’s mental health, but is there a link? If so, what can we do about it? Is a rigorous schooling system merely a symptom of an ever quickening world? What else might be contributing to mental ill health among young people? Lots of questions here, any thoughts are very welcome.


‘Ministers don’t know what effect their cuts are having on people with mental health problems’

Quite an interesting confrontation between Labour’s shadow minister for mental health and the Tory DWP minister. Political agendas aside, she has managed to highlight the ignorance of certain policy makers about the effects of their actions on mental health service users. Also, just note the language of his response. He talks about targets, five year plans, reduced waiting times, recovery times etc. We have to wake up and understand that mental health does not work like that – it’s unpredictable, individual and impervious to arbitrary plans and targets. Show compassion in your language, be creative with your policies. Show us that you really do care about mental health because, right now, we’re not getting that feeling.


Depression Article

‘I have a suspicion that society, in its heart of hearts, despises depressives because it knows they have a point: the recognition that life is finite and sad and frightening – as well as those more sanctioned outlooks, joyful and exciting and complex and satisfying. There is a secret feeling most people enjoy that everything, at a fundamental level, is basically OK. Depressives suffer the withdrawal of that feeling.’

What does depression really feel like? Tim Lott has a darned good go at describing it. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

Quote of the Week – 25/04/2016

‘What does it mean to be crazy? To have a disorder of the mind. But “disorder” can only exist if there is some kind of pre determined “order” set in place. And who decides on order relative to the human mind? Human society. Sane and insane is a judgment based on perspective. And according to many other perspectives within this universe, it is human society that is rampant with disorder. So there is no reason to think of yourself as insane; if the very mindset of the society that determines whether you are sane or insane… is in and of itself insane!’ -Teal Scott